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Rooms & Prices

Our team is happy to advise you on selecting the right rooms for your event.

Different types of seating can be put in the five plenary halls, some of which can be flexibly partitioned. The 22 group rooms are rented in addition, depending on the event's concept. The number of people who can be accommodated depends on the seating and the way the rooms are partitioned.  


Seminar room
Gross price
m2 No. of

 Hans Ulrich Auditorium / 15-001-004*
2900.00 447

 Peter Kaiser Hall / 14-021
1700.00 257 36-257

 Handelskammer Hall / 14-020
174 32-155

 Walter Adolf Jöhr Hall / 14-U114
1000.00 165 32-155

 Seminar rooms* 450.00-810.00 68-123 20-100

 22 group rooms
145.00-270.00 22-41 8-12


* Can be flexibily partitioned
** Depends on the type of seating

If you book 5 or more consecutive seminary days, we give a discount of 10% on gross prices.
Institutes of the University of St.Gallen get a reduction of 20% on gross prices up to 4 consecutive seminar days and a reduction of 30% on gross prices for 5 ore more consecutive seminar days.